Spring Inspired Fashion & Wishlist

It’s almost spring! Here in Tennessee the weather can’t make up its mind, and that means today it’s the mid-60s but tomorrow could freeze. I’m dreaming of warmer days, so I thought I’d look at pretty clothes to get through the last bit of winter.

I Pinterest-ed what colors were picked for the season, and I was a little disappointed. The seasonal colors are very pastelish (which I guess is to be expected with spring), and with my pale skin and dark hair and eyes, deeper colors look better on me.

So I went to Polyvore to create some outfits more suited for my tone. I had not used Polyvore before, and I didn’t realize I could control the pricing, so some pieces might be a little expensive, but you’ll get the idea 😊 I didn’t feel like putting the specifics about every outfit piece, especially since some are pricey, so if you want more details, just let me know.

I also decided to add some of my Spring wish-list ideas.




Perfect for Easter Sunday


Not a fan of pastels, but the blue is very spring-y


Now to get more casual. I LOVE the 90s, including the floral dresses everyone was wearing. I went with a more hardcore grunge style on the left, and on the right side I made it a little less intense. I love both looks, though!


Perfect for running errands


I love aviators, are they still even in style? I don’t care, they’re my favorite. I would love a floral pair but this particular pair seems a little cheap, so I’m going to keep looking.


I need new headphones so bad! I love to go running outside in the nice spring weather, but my headphones are just about done. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the standard iPhone earbuds don’t fit my ears at all, so I need the kind with the squishy insides, and these are super cute and come in different colors.


Whenever we get a few extra bucks, I’m dying to get a gel manicure kit. The soft pink that comes with this kit is perfect for spring.

So that’s what I have my eyes on this spring. What’s on your wish list?


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